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Krishh is a Music Composer, Producer and Keyboardist from India born on 3rd January in 1996. From his childhood days, he was inclined towards music. His inclination came from his parents who are also singers and musicians.

When he was 2 years old, Krishh started playing Tabla and other leather percussions even before he could speak. Slowly after he reached the age of 8, he started playing keyboard. At the age of 13, He recorded and arranged music for the first time.

At 15, he left formal education and completely diverged himself towards music. He joined a sound engineering course in an institution called 'Shrutinandan' which is based in Kolkata under the guidance of Ananjan Chakraborty. He also kept teaching himself Keyboard side by side. After completing sound engineering, he started to learn music more deeply from any sources he could. Currently, he is enrolled as a selected student in Berklee College of Music, USA. When he was 16, after completing production of 4 albums for different artists including his father's and after training himself in Western Classical Music, Contemporary and Electronic Music Productdon, he has developed an interest to create his own style of Music and to produce and arrange music for other talented artists in this industry.

At present Krishh is looking for hard working, talented, dedicated artists to work with. He is looking for scopes to create new sounds (styles) and distinguishing signatures for artists.

His work of arrangements and production has been long appreciated by a lot of eminent artists in India like A.Shivamani, Raghu Dixit, Baiju Dharamjan, Darshan Doshi, Kishor Sodha, Lopamudra Mitra, Srabani Sen, Nabarun Baose and also International Composers like Chris Nicolaides, Richard Band, Lyn Stanley, Mike Lang and Anthony Mirebella.




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